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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Recurring Good History? More than one Elizabeth Nicholls/Nichols

Elizabeth Nichols has 10G Grandmother Elizabeth Nicholls...

Elizabeth Nichols
Marie Bechtold + John Miller
Frederick Emil Bechtold + Marie Caroline Dresser
Jennie Howes + Emil Bechtold
Erede Baker + Nathan Howes
Hollister Baker + Rebecca Crowell
Timothy Baker + Abigail Kibbe
Jacob Kibbe + Abigail Warner
Jacob Kibbe + Grace Sitton
Edward Kibbe + Dorothy Phelps
Elisha Kibbe + Rachel Cooke
Henry Cooke + Judith Birdsall
Edmund Cooke + Elizabeth Nicholls
she was born in the year 1573 at North Clay, Kent, England; she died in Salem Massachusetts.

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