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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bob and John Miller: WWII service

Bob Miller and John Miller:

Service in the Merchant Marine:

SS Idaho Falls

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Idaho Falls, T2-SE-A1

T2-SE-A1 was the workhorse of the tanker fleet (481 built):
• 523 feet long overall
• 68 foot beam
• 30 foot draft
• 10,448 Gross tons
• 21,880 Loaded displacement tons
• 6,000 shaft horsepower Turbo-Electric propulsion
• Speed 14.5-16 knots
• Liquid capacity 141,200 barrels (42 gallons or 162 liters per barrel). [nearly 6 million gallons]

Tankers Built in U.S. During World War II
The T1 type were named after major oil fields in the United States. The T2 types were named after monuments, national parks, forts, battles, historic settlements, trails, lakes, swamps. Later T3 type were built for private companies and named by the company. Many tankers were built for or taken over by the U.S. Navy and named after Native American names of rivers and lakes. The Navy AO designation indicates Fleet Oilers.
Tankers were developed around the turn of the century to carry liquid cargo: gasoline, oil, or molasses. During World War II, American tankers made 6,500 voyages to carry 65 million tons of oil and gasoline from the U.S. and the Caribbean to the war zones and to our Allies. They supplied 80% of the fuel used by bombers, tanks, jeeps and ships during the War.

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