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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spotlight On Places: The Founding of Dennis, MASS

"Dennis was first settled in 1639, by John Crowe (later Crowell) and Thomas Howes, as part of the town of Yarmouth. The town officially separated and incorporated in 1793. It was named after resident minister, Josiah Dennis. There was not enough land for farming, so seafaring became the town's major industry in its early history, centered around the Shiverick Shipyard." -from Wikipedia

John Crowe (later the family went by Crowell), and Thomas Howes are the remote direct ancestors of the Howes / Crowell lines of the Bechtold family.

The Crowe / Crowell geneology book is a wealth of information on the descendants. There are double cousins from Crowells and Howes marrying into the lineage more than once. Download it and explore: John and Thomas Crowe. And Anna, Ebenezer, Edward, various Johns, Rebecca, and Thomas Crowell, in the direct lineage.

From the above mentioned book:

"On the Old Colony Records, under the date of March 3, 1639, O. S. (1640 new), is the following order: "Whereas Mr. Thacher, Mr. Crowe and Mr. Howes, the committee of Yarmouth were complained of, — to have made unequal divisions of lands there, whereupon the said committee have exhibited a very formal division of the said lands unto the court which is well approved of, and the court doth further order, — That the said committee shall receive no more inhabitants into the said town except they bring certificates from the places where they came under sufficient men's hands of the said places of their religious and honest carriage, which certificate shall be first allowed by the Governor and assistants before such person be admitted there."" -page 15.

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