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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spotlight On Crossings / Migration: Miller Family Crosses the Atlantic

Michael Mueller / Miller

The GGGGGG Grandfather of Marty Miller:

Michael Miller and his wife Suzanna Agnes Berchtol, came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Colony, 2 October, 1727, on the the ship Adventure Galley, with several children and accompanied by Jacob Berchtol, her brother and Jacob Stutzman, Jr., his step brother. They left Germany because of their opposition to military conscription of the times.


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His son Johann Michael Müller (Mueller)/Miller (Jr.) was born in 1692 in Steinwenden, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany and emigrated from Germany to the New World with the migration of "Pennsylvania Dutch" in 1727. Probably starting in Germantown on the outskirts of Philadelphia, the family gradually moved west across Pennsylvania to Coventryville, PA, Rapho/Little Conewago, and Hanover before crossing into Maryland to present-day Maugansville just north of Hagerstown in Washington County, Maryland in 1745.

As the Miller's expanded in this area they met with the disruptions of the French & Indian War (1754-1763) and the American Revolution (1775-1783). During the Revolution they espoused non-violence as "non-associators," refusing to pay war taxes or to serve in the army. As a result Michael's sons David and Jacob Miller, as well as members from allied families, lost land claims.


The Palatine Project - Reconstructed Passenger Lists

1727 Adventure Galley

[List 4 A, B] Adventure Galley
Captain: John Davies (Mirion)
From: Rotterdam
By Way of: Plymouth
Arrival: Philadelphia, 2 Oct 1727

Fifty-three Palatine, who with their families, make about one hundred and forty Persons.

Name, Age Place of Origin (Town, Province) Source Remarks (USA, Spelling Variations, Occupation, Relationships, etc.)
Michel Müller
Krottelbach, Bayern-Pfalz Bur1985 Miller; To Washington, MD.
Ulrich Pitcha

Jasper Mingale

Johannes Beydeler

Johannes Lehman
Anna Barbara
Johannes, 27
Lachen-Speyerdorf, Bayern-Pfalz Bur2000 Layman; To York, PA.
Casber Ney

Christopher Miller

Jacob Leidy

Jacque Simoult

Michael Eichert

Johannes Ullerich

Hans Adam Osser

Peter Shilling

Jacob Meyer

Mathias Rysling

Jacob Baumann
Susanna Nee (Müller)
Lambsheim, Bayern-Pfalz Bur2000 Powman; To Philadelphia, PA.
Peter Rool

Jacob Schmidt
Anna Elisabetha
Johann Jacob, 25
Weisenheim am Sand, Bayern-Pfalz Bur2000 To Montgomery, PA.
Mich Kern

John Seyham

Christo. Exell

Derrick Romshower

Franz Balthasar Franz
Anna Elisabeth
Georg Christoffel, 29
Frantz Balthasar, 29
Assenheim, Bayern-Pfalz Bur2000 To Lancaster, PA.
Johannes Kurtz

Johann Peter Weisner

Johann Sower

Nicklos Chron

Hans Martator

Adam Pister

Joost Coope

Balsar Leine

Jacob Wihelmus

Jacob Hoghman

Jacob Fisher

Ulrich Rieser

Katherine Rowland

Leonhard Rothermel
Margretha (Zimmermann)
Christian, 23
Anna Margretha, 22
Johann Peter, 12
Lorentz, 12
Johann Paul, 8
Johannes, 5
Böhl, Bayern-Pfalz Bur2000 To Lehigh, PA.
Johann Carl Horlacher

Henrich Horlacher

Jacob Riser

Alexd Fritley

Anna Barbara Fiseling

Nicolas Keyser

Jean Dieter Borleman

Christian Frier

Benetick Nuel

Johann Peter Hess

Scipilo Hoffmaning

Jacob Filler

Hans Holdeman

Christopher Ulrich

Hans Hisley

Evan Fosterhave

Christian Bikler

Joanes Yirk Heriger

Henery Smith

Johann Jacob Stutzman

Daniel Borman

Georg Christoff Oechslen
Maria Margretha (Müller)
Henrich, 0
Böhl, Bayern-Pfalz Bur2000 Exline; To Montgomery, PA.

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