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Monday, March 29, 2010

Fame and Fortune: Mayflower Decendancy

The Bechtold Mayflower Descendancy:

William Brewster + Mary Brewster
Governor Thomas Prence + Patience Brewster
John Freeman + Mercy Prence
Thomas Freeman + Rebecca Sparrow
Paul Sears + Marcy Freeman
Daniel Sears +Mercy Snow
Michajah Sears + Anna Crowell
Zachariah Howes + Lavinia Sears
Nathan Howes + Nabby Philips
Nathan Howes + Erede Baker
Emil Bechtold + Jennie Howes
Frederick Emil Bechtold + Marie Caroline Dresser
John H. Miller + Marie Louise Bechtold
Bechtolds - Millers + Bechtold – Immels + Bechtold – Connollys +all Bechtolds

Click on the photo for the full view.

I have seen the ship in person. You can hardly believe how 102 passengers and 30 crew persons could ever fit on this ship, together with food, supplies, etc., for 66 days. It is incredible.

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