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Monday, March 29, 2010

Fame and Fortune: Bechtolds are related to Sarah Palin as 10th Cousins

Look closely, do you see any resemblance?

The Brewster descendants line is a well researched one by many.

Common Ancestors
William Brewster + Mary Brewster
William Brewster + Mary Brewster
Common Ancestors
Governor Thomas Prence + Patience Brewster
Governor Thomas Prence + Patience Brewster
1st Common Ancestor
John Freeman + Mercy Prence
John Freeman + Mercy Prence
Sister - brother
Thomas Freeman + Rebecca Sparrow
Mercy Freeman (1659-1737) married Samuel Knowles (1651-1737)
1 th cousins
Paul Sears + Marcy Freeman
Lt. Richard Knowles (1688-ca. 1769) married Martha Cobb (1682-1763)
2 th cousins
Daniel Sears +Mercy Snow
Mercy Knowles (1717-1758) married George Godfrey (ca. 1707-1768)
3 th cousins
Michajah Sears + Anna Crowell
Knowles Godfrey (ca. 1737-1766) married Jerusha Ryder (1740-1766)
4 th cousins
Zachariah Howes + Lavinia Sears
Knowles Godfrey (1762-1794) and Mary Ryder (born ca. 1769)
5 th cousins
Nathan Howes + Nabby Philips
James Ryder Godfrey (1818-1881) married Lodema Curtiss (1822-1915)
6 th cousins
Nathan Howes + Erede Baker
Augusta Lodema Godfrey married Homer Curtiss Strong
7 th cousins
Emil Bechtold + Jennie Howes
Cora Strong married James “Carl” Gower (1882-1954)
8 th cousins
Frederick Emil Bechtold + Marie Caroline Dresser
Helen Louise Gower (1907-1985) married Clement J. “Clem” Sheeran (1907-1992)
9 th cousins
John H. Miller + Marie Louise Bechtold
Sarah “Sally” Sheeran, married Charles “Chuck” Richard Heath
10th cousins
Bechtold-Miller, Bechtold-Connolly, Bechtold-Immel, Bechtolds
Alaska Gov. Sarah Louise (Heath) Palin (b. 1964).

10th Cousins, once removed
Next Generation

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