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Friday, March 1, 2013

floyd landis 8th cousin

Floyd Landis, 2006 winner of the Tour de France

(later stripped of title for steroid use)

8th Cousin

Descendants of Hans Heinrich Landis
1-Hans Heinrich Landis                                   common ancestor
 +Elizabeth Hirt
|-2-Heinrich Hirt Landis                                   siblings
   +Elizabeth Naas
  |-3-Henry Naas Landis                                  1st cousin
     +Mary Garber
    |-4-Mary Landis                                          2nd cousin
       +Henrich Eichenberg
      |-5-Elizabeth Eikenberry                            3rd cousin
      |  +John Zachariah Allbaugh                    
      | |-6-Ursula Allbaugh                                 4th cousin
      | |  +Levi Miller                                      
      | | |-7-John Herman Miller                          5th cousin
      | | |  +Emma Constant
      | | | |-8-John Herman Constant Miller          6th cousin
      | | | |  +Elizabeth Ann McCaffrey
      | | | | |-9-John Herman Miller                       7th cousin
      | | | | |  +Marie Louise Bechtold


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  2. I'm new at blogging so bear with me. Supposedly Floyd Landis is my 18th cousin. My Father is Devon Landis and Grandfather is Ralph Landis. We are descendants of Hans Landis from Hirzel, Switzerland. Please keep me updated on this and future developments.