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Sunday, October 23, 2011

President Rutherford Hayes and Lucy Ware Webb, cousins

Rutherford Hayes, 19th president of the US   Half-7th cousin

Lucy Ware Webb Hayes, First Lady, 7th cousin

Aaron Cooke I Elizabeth Charde (Ford)

Aaron Cooke II Mary Cooke half siblings
Aaron Cooke III Safrah Westwood 1
Thomas Hovey Sarah Cooke 2
Nathaniel Austin Abigail Hovey 3
Daniel Austin Abigail Phelps 4
Roger Birchard Drucilla Austin 5
Sophia Birchard Rutherford Hayes 6
Rutherford Hayes  Lucy Ware Webb 7

John Ford Elizabeth Charde
John Strong Abigail Ford
Jedehiah Strong Freedom Woodward siblings
Thomas King Abigail Strong 1
Gershom Sexton Abigail King 2
Isaac Cook II  Jerusha Sexton 3
Isaac Cook III Martha Cook 4
Isaac Cook IV Margaretta Scott 5
James Webb Marietta Cook 6
Lucy Ware Webb  Rutherford Hayes 7

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