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Sunday, July 3, 2011

3rd Great Grandmother Nabby Philips Howes letter to Mary Johnson upon Paulina's Death

Transcription of Nabby's letter to Mary (Johnson)
On the Occasion of Paulina's death, [Paulina, our GG Greataunt]

Paulina was Nathan Howes sister, and sister in law of  Ereda Baker (Howes);
Paulina was the mother of Mary Johnson
Ereda married Edwin Johnson, Paulina's widower later, so...

Ereda Baker Howes Johnson is both Stepmother and aunt to Mary Johnson;

Nabby is Mary's grandmother, and then Ereda's mother in law.

Ashfield August 27-1864

My ever dear grand daughter,

I received your kind and good letter of Aug 16 in due time-was very glad to hear from you all. I do deeply sympathise with your all in the sad bereavment of your dear mother. She was my own precious daughter, and I can’t but grieve for our loss, not hers but ours. I have thought I would write to your dear father; I can’t express what I feel for him. I know “there is one that neither slumbers nor sleeps” that will keep him. I want to see you all & shall as soon as there is a way open for me to go home. I don’t like to go such a long journey alone. Amanda is not determined to start off and leave her father inlaw in his feeble health until he has some one to care for him in his own house, poor woman, she is very discontented where she is—any of his children will have him home with them but his own house is his.

I can’t tell of anytime when I shall go home. I have stayed so much longer than I meant to when I came from home, that I shall wait till the good time comes. Your uncle Asa wished me to go and see Aunt Julias relatives in Ct.(Connecticut) and this summer he has sent to me to go, and Mr. Lamton has sent—he will meet me in Hessfield(?) when I can be there at eleven oclock. I think I shall go next Tuesday, not knowing what may befall me on the way. I have been to see your grandmother Johnson, she was alone except a boy that was at home with her-She did not know me until I told her who I was, she seemed glad to see me, wanted I should come again- enquired (inquired) all about the little children, who your father had to take care of them. The dear old lady seemed to grieve for your father and lament the death of your mother-she enquired (inquired) after your uncle __? And all your aunts-she appeared well and smart for such an old lady, she wanted to see you all but never should go out there—They have got a new addition put on the front of the house, very pretty with piazza(?) in front. I pray God to keep and protect you all through life.

Please accept this with much love to your father and all the children from you grandmother Howes
Sarah P. Clark has been here this week with her children. Charles & Ida Charles has got funds for thirty days-he wounded in his right arm, shot through the flesh without hurting the bone. There is a spot on each side of his arm as large as a shiling piece. He had his boot heel shot off. He is in the Calvelry. He carries the Bugle. Ida has(ing) been teaching this summer. Bloomington Paper is so dear you much excuse my half shee

Key of some terms / notes:


Amanda – ? (possibly Lemuel Howes oldest daughter Mary A.)

Asa – son of Nathan and Nabby. He and his family moved to Wisconsin when Nathan and Nabby did.

Clark, Sarah P. - ?

Charles - ?

Charles, Ida- ?

Grandmother Johnson – Anna Elmer Johnson, wife of Captain Othniel Johnson

Lamton, Mr. - ?

Julia – probably Asa’s 1st wife. She was born, grew up, and married in Connecticut

My ever dear grand daughter – I believe that this is Mary Johnson, Paulina’s oldest


Your dear mother – Paulina, Nabby Howes daughter, wife of Edwin Johnson

Your dear father – Edwin Johnson

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