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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

John Burt, our 6th GGrandfather, was a Silversmith

6th Great Grandparents John Burt and Abigail Cheevers

John Burt

* Born: 5 Jan 1692, Boston MA
* Marriage: Abigail Cheever on 3 Jun 1714 in Boston MA
*(Abigail Cheever was born on 20 May 1690 in Boston MA.)
* Died: 23 Jan 1745, Boston MA

General notes:
Events in his life were:
• Apprenticed c 1706 to John Coney in Boston MA 1

• Gold buttons, c 1710-1720

Yale University 12
d: 7/16"
Engraved HANNAH CARTER on face for Hannah (Gookin) Carter.

• Candlestick, c 1720

Winterthur Library 6
h: 7 3/16"
w: 4 7/16" (base)
wt: 14 oz, 16 dwt
One of a pair, made en suite with a tray and candle snuffer. Engraved W over D + S for Daniel and Sarah (Hill) Warner.

• Master to John Blowers 1724-1732 in Boston MA. 8
• Master to Samuel Gray abt 1724 in Boston MA. 8

• Porringer, c 1725-1730

Boston Museum of Fine Arts 9
h: 1 5/8"
d: 5 5/8" (of bowl)
wt: 6 oz, 14 dwt
Original owner unknown. Engraved later C over I S for John and Susannah (Greenleaf) Coburn.

• 1730: he debited the estate of Mr. William Smith "to six funerall Rings £ 10-6-9." 3

• Caster, c 1735

Essex Institute 18
h: 3 11/16"
wt: 2 oz, 10 dwt
Originally owned by silversmith Daniel Northey. Engraved 1768 / N over W + R for William and Rebecca (Collins) Northey.

• Teaspoon, c 1735

Private Collection
l: 4 5/8"
Engraved I * S. A strainer spoon by Burt with identical monogram is recorded by Winterthur.

• Punch bowl, c 1740

Private Collection
d: 7 5/8"
Engraved around the body with the name and armes of Jonathan Mountfort Junr., Samuel Martain, Lemuel Gowen, John Greenleaf, Kenelm Winslow, and Joseph Grant Junr.

• Mug, c 1740

Private Collection
h: 5 1/4"
d: 3 3/38" (base)
wt: 10 oz, 10 dwt.

• Thimble, c 1740

Historical Society York PA 30

• Tankard, c 1745

Yale University 12
h: 8 1/4"
d: 5 7/16" (base)
wt: 25 oz, 4 dwt
Engraved on front with Moulton arms, "M over I H" on handle, and a map of Louisburg, Taken by the English / June 17, 1745 on handle terminal. By tradition, given to Jeremiah Moulton by Sir William Pepperell for his part in the capture of Louisburg.

• Burt held town offices and at his death his amassed estate totaled £6,460. The inventory of his tools, probably made by William Simpkins, who was one of the appraisers of his estate, was given in the catalogue of the first exhibition of American silver at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 1906.

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