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Friday, April 2, 2010

Revolutionary War Generation: Bechtold Patriot Ancestors

All the direct ancestors of the Bechtolds emigrated to the United States long after the Revolutionary War, except for the Howes branch through Jennie Howes.

Click on the photo below to get the whole view.

The men who could have been involved:
Joseph Howes, Micajah Sears, Philip Phillips, Elisha Cranson, Noah Baker, the father of Abigail Kibbe (unknown so far), Edward Crowell, Allen Bangs, Ebenezer Crowell, Timothy Baker, Lemuel Phillips, and Zachariah Howes.

From the Daughters of the American Revolution database, the following of the above list are recognized for patriotic service:

Name and "Ancestor Number"

Noah Baker  A005050
Allen Bangs  A005669
Edward Crowell  A628273
Ebenezer Crowell  A028272
Timothy Baker  A005111
Elisha Cranson  A027509
Micajah Sears  A101084  (a Lieutenant)
Zachariah Howes  A058746

Amasa Cranson  A027507  (a Major)
probably several more uncles...

In subsequent posts I will look to underscore their service with what details I can come up with.

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  1. The DAR has in effect disowned much of what its members submitted until pretty recently, as insufficiently documented. I'm not sure when they raised their standards.