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Friday, April 16, 2010

Philip Phillips a Tory! 5G Grandfather Philip, Loyal to the Crown at first

John Phillips + Elizabeth Drake
Thomas Phillips + Katherine Liscomb [Jane, the sister of Thomas, married Richard Ellis, of the Book below]
Philip Phillips + Mercy Phillips [5G Grandfather]
Lemuel Phillips + Sarah Cranson [4G Grandfather] [Lemuel and Mercy were 2nd cousins...]
Nathan Howes + Nabby Philips [3g Grandmother]
Nathan Howes + Erede Baker [2G Grandfather]
Emil Bechtold + Jennie Howes, [G Grandmother]
Frederick Emil Bechtold + Marie Caroline Dresser
John H. Miller + Marie Louise Bechtold
Millers + Immels + Connollys + Bechtolds

Loyalists were American colonists who remained loyal to the Kingdom of Great Britain (and the British monarchy) during and after the American Revolutionary War. They were often referred to as Tories, Royalists, or King's Men by the Patriots, those that supported the revolution. When their cause was defeated, about 20% of the Loyalists fled or were driven out of the US to resettle in other parts of the British Empire, in Britain or elsewhere in British North America especially East Ontario and New Brunswick, where they were called United Empire Loyalists; some went to the British West Indies, especially the Bahamas. Black Loyalists made up some of the Loyalist community. They lost all the property left behind, but were compensated by British claims procedures.

Historians have estimated that between 15 and 20 percent of the white population of the colonies were Loyalists. Historian Robert Middlekauff estimates that about 500,000 colonists, or 19 percent of the population, remained loyal to Britain.

Philip PHILLIPS was one of the most prominent men in Ashfield. It is said he
was a great hunter, killing 29 bears in one season. At one time he was
"Justice of the Peace" and later was sent to the State Legislature. He
built a house on the west side of Bellows Hill. The cellar hole of his house
is now in Levant Gray's pasture. Later he built a two-story house opposite
where Mr Gray lived. He had "Eleven sons, and two daughters", four others
died young. These sons were all in their father's Company. Captain PHILLIPS
was a "Tory", loyal to the King. He had to pay some heavy fines. It is said
he was a trusted official. This was later evidently, when he must have
become loyal to the "Colonies".

It is in the Ashfield records that each son was over six feet tall, and that
they formed one platoon in their father's company. The father took great
pride in them. The names and datws of birth are as follows:
1. Elijah PHILLIPS 1759
2. Abner 1760
3. Lemuel 1762
4. Phillip Jr. 1764
5. David, 1766
6. Simeon 1768
7. Israel 1770
8. Joshua 1771
9. Abiathor 1773
10 Samuel 1775
11. Liscomb b 1777
12. Hannah b 1779
13. Anna b 1782

Capt Thomas PHILLIPS b 1702 at Easton, Mass (Father of Philip PHILLIPS)
(The father of Thomas PHILLIPS was Capt. John PHILLIPS, of Easton Mass.)
1. Philip, 1730 only son of Katherine, Thomas's 1st wife
2. Charity, 1744
3. Thomas Jr. 1747
4. Elizabeth 1749
5. Sarah 1752
6. Caleb ?
7. Simeon 1742

One writer says the grave of Capt.Thomas PHILLIPS the 2nd settler in the
town is unmarked, but his descendants claim it is directly back of the ELLIS
monument in the next row.

Capt. John Phillips was a soldier in 1690 , He settled in Easton Mass in
1694. Moved from Weymouth to Easton with wife Elizabeth DRAKE. He lived on
"Morse Place" He was a prominent man in early town history and was town
clerk, serving 12 years. His 1st wife Elizabeth Drake, was a sister of three
of these early Drake settlers.
His son Thomas, and son-in-law Richard ELLIS of Easton were the 1st
settlers of this town. He was Captain of the 1st Militia Company.
His son was Thomas PHILLIPS (In his company were Joshua and Samuel, (these
may have been his sons).

Ensign Richard PHILLIPS b 1641 probably at Dedham, Mass. He died in
Weymouth in 1695 Richard's 1st wife was Mary PACKARD, from whom his
children came. He married 2nd to Mrs Elizabeth Edson-Kingman, a widow.
His children by Mary PACKARD

1. Caleb
2. Mary
3. Joshua
4. Nicholas
5. Elizabeth
6. Richard
7. Samuel
8. John

Deacon Nicholas PHILLIPS
Born 1611-12 He was one of the early arrivals in Dedham, Mass. The old
PHILLIPS Homestead was situated on PHILLIPS CREEK in "Old Spain" Upon the
bank here was probably the early settlement and very near where Thomas
WESTON mase his short tarry in 1622.
Deacon Nicholas PHILLIPS was first called "Deacon" in 1660 after he had
left Dedham, Mass., and moved to Weymouth, Mass In 1641.He made his Will in
Weymouth in 1671 and mention his children as follows:

1. Richard
2. Alice
3. Experience
4. Caleb
5. Joshua, the oldest son
6. Benjamin
7. Hannah
8. Abigail
In his Will he mentions "My loving brother Henry"

Of the PHILLIPS Family, it is said that the name is well known among our
ancient settlers, and of very frequent occurrence upon the records. It's
possessors stood high in town and church, and they were connected by
marriage with many of the families of the first few generations of settlers.
end....Dorothy McCann-Phillips

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