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Friday, April 23, 2010

Mary Hyanno (Little Dove) of the Wampanoag Tribe [Our Ancestor?]

Who is Mary Hyanno?

Evidence that she is of the Wampanoag tribe, and of descent through their ruling class:

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Mary Hyanno + Augustine Bearse
John Hall + Pricilla Bearse
Bethia Hall + Zachary Paddock
Elizabeth Paddock + Joseph Howes
Deacon Joseph Howes + Ann Vincent
Zachariah Howes + Lavinia Sears
Nathan Howes (I) + Nabby Philips
Nathan Howes (II) + Erede Baker
Jennie Howes + Emil Bechtold
Frederick Emil Bechtold + Marie Caroline Dresser
4 Bechtold Children
Bechtold- Miller, Bechtold-Immel, Cary-Bechtold, Bechtold-Connolly

Indian Blood through "Little Dove"! (Or as far as we can tell...)

Mary Hyanno, known as "Litttle Dove", is said to have married early Plymouth settler Augustine Bearse. Mary was the daughter of John Hyanno, who was born in 1595 at the Mattachee Village at what is now Barnstable, Massachusetts, and Mary No-Pee, who was born at Gays Head on Martha's Vineyard and was the daughter of No-Took-Seet. John was the son of Iyannough, the sachem of the Mattachee village of Wampanoags of Cape Cod, and Princess Canonicus. He died after 1680 on Cape Cod. Princess Canonicus was the daughter of Canochet (Chief) Canonicus and Posh-Pw. Canochet Canonicus was the son of Wessonsuoum and Keshechoo. Wessonsuoum was the son of Chief Tashtassuck, who was born before 1520.

Mary Hyanno is said to have been of fair complexion and red hair. The Wampanoags were often referred to as "white Indians" due to their light skin and are thought by some to have descended from Viking explorers. This assertion is very controversial. There indeed was an Iyannough, and Hyannis, Massachusetts is named for him.

The Bearse/Hyanno marriage entered the written record via a document filed in the 1930's by Franklin Ele-watum Bearse, a Scaticoke and Eastern Indian, in an attempt to obtain benefits as an Indian from the State of Connecticut. Mr. Bearse's claims are analyzed in a article by Jacobus entitled "Austin Bearse and His Alleged Indian Connections" in THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST published about 1936. Mr. Jacobus does not accept the Franklin Bearse story and endeavored to disprove it. Among other things he points out that all we really know about Augustine Bearse is that he was listed as age "20 in the shipping list of the Confidence of London, which sailed from Southampton the last of April 1638.  Most of the passengers on this ship came in family groups, and a large number of these families settled in Essex County, Mass.  The name Augustine is, be it noted, a Christian name, in good usage in England.  There is no evidence whatever that any of the passengers on this ship were deported criminals.  There is no evidence whatever that Austin was sent to Barnstable as a prisoner.  On the contrary, he came to Barnstable with the first company in 1639; he became a member of Mr. Lothrop's church, 29 Apr. 1643, and he is the first person named on the present record of those who joined the church after its removal to Barnstable.  He was proposed to be admitted a freeman, 3 June 1652, and was admitted 3 May following.  He was called Goodman in the records, bespeaking his good standing.  He was a grand juror in 1653 and 1662, and a surveyor of highways in 1674. ---  To suppose that a Gypsy, a deported criminal, and the husband of an Indian, would have enjoyed such standing in a Puritan community is absurd.  In explanation of his marriage to an Indian, the story is told that he was a Gypsy and hence the Puritan girls would not consider him in marriage; yet his children married into the best families of Barnstable and Yarmouth."

However, family traditions of the Hyanno marriage exist to this day in other branches of the Bearse family. These traditions do not appear to have been derived from Franklin Bearse.


  1. My name is Don Wonnell, of Sylvania Ohio. ( My great grandmother was Priscilla Bearss, d. 1895 on Catawba Island Ohio. She was the daughter of Gideon (or Gedeon) Hubbell Bearss, believed to be from New Fairfield Conn. Like to tie down facts, however that's very time consuming and at times the guesstimates let somebody else verify info.
    Joseph T. Bearss is a name that comes up in family notes. jimmm52 (email) stated that the original Bearss / Bearse was Augustine Be Arce who came to Cape Cod in 1638, info is he was united in an Indian marraige to Mary Hyanno (Little Dove). Evidently the name changed from Bearse to Bearss.
    A son of Clarissa (Bearss) and Henry O. Wonnell was Otis Wonnell, my grandfather. He married Florence Munger, who was descended from Susannah Lane. Susannah was said in the Munger Book to be called the Herb Lady, from around Monson Mass., and was a native American. She was also termed to be an Indian princess. Trying to find out more about Susannah. Her son had red hair, therefore Susannah may have been Wampanoag or a similar tribe.

  2. The link below states that Mary Hyanno was married to Wm. Cornwell, and not Augustine Bearce. It may be that she was married several times, or that she had children by several husbands. Can DNA prove what really happened?
    Don Wonnell

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  5. I am also interested in providing if my 8th Great Grandfather William Cornell married & had children with Mary "Little Dove" Hyanno.
    Is there currently any DNA research being conducted? I would like to be a part of the group

  6. Franklyn Bearce was a complete and utter fraud. He fabricated the whole mess. He was never accepted as a native by the government, nor the natives themselves. It has been proved that he wasn't using oral tradition, or a diary, as he included errors from previous genealogists which, once fixed, don't make his story possible. It has been proved that he hijacked African American heritage from a Pine Plains book, and turned it into native heritage. It has been proved that he outright lied within 2 generations from himself. It has been proved that he lied about records that don't exist. It has been proved that he turned Dutch Quakers into natives. It has been proved that he turned Germans into natives. Etc.

  7. My DNA connects me to Austin Brease whose daughter, Priscilla, married John Hall, my 10th great grandfather. This is true story.