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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Showcase Persons: John Constant and George Washington

Handwritten note in G. Washington's finance books, asking George for reimbursement for expenses; signed by John Constant. From the collected papers of Washington at the Library of Congress: John Constant to George Washington, June 2, 1756, Virginia Colonial Militia Accounts

Washington started his military career during the French and Indian Wars. He was sent on a dangerous mission into Indian country to warn the French that their advances were considered an intrusion into the Colony of Virginia's territory. This mission resulted in a skirmish in which a French envoy was killed. This incident started the war! He returned to the frontier after being appointed a Lieutenant Colonel of Militia and set up a temporary fortification, naming it "Fort Necessity". The French, along with their Indian allies, attacked it and forced Washington to surrender.

Later, serving as colonial Aide-de-Camp to British General Edward Braddock, Washington was credited with saving the survivors of the Battle of the Wilderness(July 9, 1755), one of the worst defeats ever suffered by the British Army. For the next two years Washington commanded a force of 700 irregulars, defending 350 miles of Virginia Frontier. -from

John Constant was in the Virginia Militia.

There was a whole lot of Virginia in those days!

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